Colour and its effects

Colour and its effects play a major role in our everyday life, which we are often not even aware of. It not only fulfils decorative purposes, but also creates mood and atmosphere and thus influences us emotionally. This, in turn, plays a major role in the interior design of commercial, industrial and industrial areas.

Colour information unconsciously shapes and controls the way people think, feel and act. Their radiant energy is absorbed by our eye and skin receptors and passed on to the organism, thus triggering feelings and moods. But they also influence the effect of shapes and proportions on our senses. Thus, the use of colour can be decisive for room and working climate.
A few examples:

correctness | safety | coolness

Blue cools, creates trust, stands for hygiene and purity and provides a feeling of security.

passion | enthusiasm | dominance

Red attracts attention, creates enthusiasm and passion and has been proven to make hearts beat faster.

fun | youthfulness | romance

Funny, youthful, romantic and tender is the colour pink. Generates attention and is sometimes used aggressively-shocky.

optimism | light | attention

Yellow attracts attention, distracts attention or points in a certain direction. The colour radiates optimism and luminosity.

joy | health | freshness | peace

Healthy, fresh, serene, natural – this is how the colour green appears and is thus often associated with money, food or a lifestyle that is at rest in itself.

business | luxury | glamour | drama

Black conveys refined elegance and status. It is often used for luxury and extravagance.

friendship | happiness | children

Orange is friendly, cheerful, bright, courageous and often suggests bargains.

creativity | magic | emotion | calm

Violet stands for creativity, inventiveness and magic and also has a calming and emotional or crazy effect.

pure | innocence | sincerity

White is innocent, honest and provides transparency and purity. It stands for technical innovation, functionality and service and appears calm and valuable.

The skilful use of colours in harmonies and contrasts forms the »icing on the cake« of modern interior design. Whether gaudy, neutral or accentuated – we have put together complete upholstery colour worlds for contract furniture, which can make your choice easier.

Let yourself be inspired!