The office 4.0

Demographic change, digitalisation and new forms of work – three major reasons why our office world is undergoing radical change. Ever more demanding young professionals, the so-called Generation Z, are rushing onto the job market with new demands. Work itself is also changing, becoming more creative, more global, more agile, and therefore demands a different way of working than ten years ago. Office concepts must also adapt to this.


However what does Office 4.0 look like?

Work decouples itself from the traditional workplace. Companies increasingly rely on non-territorial office concepts, creativity and good ideas – this is the focus of modern work. Conventional offices with fixed desks no longer appear contemporary. Digitalisation also means that we no longer seem to need a fixed workplace. Because we can work anytime and anywhere!


The working environment is becoming increasingly homely

Variety is good for your health! Smartphones, laptops and tablets have become an integral part of the digital working world. If the fixed desk is no longer necessary for every employee, then the technology must also adapt. How else can we work creatively on the comfortable couch in the lounge area?

These varied workplaces not only promote health, they are also important for creativity. It has been known for years that sitting is not conducive to health. Sofas, armchairs or even couches allow employees to use the feet and, due to the homely design of the seating furniture, the sitting position can be changed more often.