Much space for individuality

The options are about the armpart for the seam processing up to the furniture legs. [magnifique] appears flexible in seating comfort.

Design: Anke Reuter

The foam of this model is also available as hardly inflammable.

Optionally, the upholstery of this model can be done with a speacial, flame retardant foam for surcharge.

This model is available in different armpart designs. See order information.

Choose from two different looks – double seam or tucks. Decorative stitching may be different in leather oder fabrics.

Every leg can be ordered in silver or black-coloured.

This model is available in different seat comforts. Comfort Basic is for firm and stable seating, Comfort Soft is for modern, trendy and softer seating.

In the architects section you will find all specifications for the model.