A new generation of chairs. Here a full-fledged small workstation is formed – by the storage space under the seat of the swivel chair and with the writing tablet that rotates 360° around the whole chair. At home or in the office; wherever there is work to be done in a small space and without a desk.

Design: Martin Ballendat

Can be used wherever groups are working together: seminars, workshops, conferences and meetings. A miniature worksplace witzh storage space – mobile, comfortable and creative.

A convenient and easily accessible storage area is integrated below the seat.

A rotating writing pad is mounted on a revolving arm. The writing pad makes it also ideal for work on laptops and tablets – in black or white.

The armchair is equipped with height adjustment with gas spring as standard.

The star base of the chairs is available with castors in different hardness or with glides. For surcharge it is available in polished aluminium instead of the chair colour.

In the architects section you will find all specifications for the model.